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Our Vision

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Our Vision

The most basic building blocks that make up our vision as Aymir Tourism Organization are; trust, prestige and customer satisfaction.

Our main goal is to be among the leading companies that have a competitive power on a global scale and represent their country in the best way in the tourism and organization sectors.

We aim to contribute to the development of Turkey's congress and fair tourism by presenting the knowledge, experience, dynamism, excitement and success we have gained to our customers in the best possible way.

It is our priority to provide services by adding our professionalism to the M.I.C.E sector by developing innovative, different and effective projects.

In this way, which we set out with the principle of being able to offer more than a travel agency at every stage, which is taken as an example by its competitors, we carry out activities in order to increase its experience and knowledge, which are universal, with high respectable value.

With the aim of being a leading company in the sector in terms of technology and quality, we act with the principle of always having an open mind to development by standing by the individuals we serve and the organizations we are solution partners at every stage of service.

Being a well-known and reputable tourism brand in the sector, preferred to work with, is among our biggest goals.

In order to ensure the continuity of the service, our main principles are to make the necessary investments and to help the economic and social development of our employees and the society.

Fulfilling our responsibilities towards today's people and future generations is another basic principle.

It is our duty to act with environmental protection awareness and to spread this awareness for Turkey and the world.

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